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    Oriental Rug Salon Discusses The Tabriz Carpet Tabriz rugs have a rich and complex history that dates to the 16th century. The city of Tabriz, located in the northwest of Iran, has been a center of carpet weaving for centuries. Tabriz rugs are known for their intricate designs, high quality, and exceptional craftsmanship. During the 16th and 17th centuries, Tabriz was an important center for producing high-quality Persian rugs, particularly during the reign of the Safavid dynasty. The city became a hub of trade and cultural exchange, and the rugs made in Tabriz reflected this diverse influence. Designs incorporated elements from Turkish, Caucasian, and Chinese rugs, creating a unique style that set Tabriz rugs apart from other Persian rugs. In the 19th century, the production of Tabriz rugs declined because [...]

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    What Is An Artifical Silk Or Bamboo Silk Rug? When someone suggests you purchase a viscose rug, watch this informative video together and ask them why they believe it's the best decision for your home. You'll soon discover that Viscose rug makers are not giving consumers "the skinny" about the quality of their product. In reality, Viscose is prone to shedding, breaking down, and permanent staining due to water and pet stains; it fades quickly from use over a short amount of time - not exactly what you want for long-term value or comfort. Viscose is a type of rayon that is produced using wood pulp and cellulose waste by-products. The fibers are treated with harsh chemicals to make them pleasingly soft and shiny; however, the process can be incredibly [...]

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    What Do The Colors In My Oriental or Persian Rug Mean? From carpets to curtains, we all consider the hues of our furnishings for their capacity to help create a particular ambiance in our homes. Whether it be blue for a tranquil atmosphere or yellow for a bright and cheery feeling, colors can make all the difference when crafting an ideal room setting. Persian and Oriental rug makers have known this since ancient times- utilizing dyed fabrics beyond decoration but as meaningful expressions of emotion that could evoke feelings from viewers. Color choices in Oriental and Persian area rugs are carefully selected to communicate a specific message, and each hue communicates a unique significance. Let's take a closer look at some of the most frequently employed colors found within these [...]

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    At Oriental Rug Salon, our rug cleaning services are a crucial way to assist our clients in maintaining and taking care of their handmade and machine-made area rugs. Our professionals are experienced in the cleaning and restoration of a wide array of designs from Persian, Turkish, Moroccan to Chinese, Indian, or even Bolivian carpets such as Aubusson's Savonnerie, Navajo Kilims & Dhurries Tapestries, and many other hand-knotted and printed pieces. Oriental Rug Salon is honored to be the go-to cleaner for prominent interior designers, rug collectors, floor-covering specialists, insurance companies, museums, and clients who cherish their Oriental and Persian area rugs. We are also proud of our thousands of loyal customers who trust in us day after day! Our team understands that your area rugs require special care as they [...]

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    Online Area Rug Appraisal Services Oriental Rug Salon provides expertise and certification to those who want a definitive appraisal for their beloved Persian, Oriental wool, or silk rugs. It is essential to remember that the value of these kinds of carpets fluctuates based on quality, availability, supply and demand, knot density, age, and condition. Therefore one should always be aware that market conditions can make prices soar or plummet at any given time. According to conventional definitions, a Navajo rug is evaluated similarly to an Oriental rug - hand-knotted and woven techniques craft both. As such, any assessment of these rugs will adhere to the same standards and criteria that would be used for other handmade area rugs. Do you know the true worth of your Oriental, Persian, or Turkish [...]

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    If Hurricane Ian has left behind an Oriental or Persian rug with dye migration, you may have noticed the colors bleeding, running, or fading. Wonder how this happened and what can be done to fix it? This article explores two of your most pressing questions: why do the dyes migrate, and is there any way for restoration? Let's take the first question first: why do rug colors bleed? Let's review some common reasons: Fugitive dyes: A "fugitive dye" describes rug colors that run or fade during washing and cleaning or when exposed to ultraviolet rays. Movement of dyes means that the dye is unstable enough that prolonged exposure to floodwaters will cause the rug to "bleed." Excess dyes: This issue will be familiar to people who own tie-dye clothing or [...]

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    A Look Into An Oriental Rug Appraisers Crystal Ball. For centuries, Oriental and Persian rugs have captivated collectors and homeowners with their exquisite craftsmanship - embraced by royalty and the general public. Whether you are curious about an antique rug purchased from an outdoor market, eager to value your family heirloom, or wondering how much value that beloved carpet from overseas holds, these tips will help secure an accurate appraisal for your prized oriental rug. Condition The most highly emphasized consideration when determining the value of an oriental rug is its condition relative to its age. The older the rug is, the better condition it is in, and its rarity equals the more valuable it will be on the market. It is important to look out for damage such as [...]

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    What To Do If Your Pet Has An Accident On Your Oriental or Persian Rug. You love your pets, and they're considered members of your family. You also love your Oriental and Persian rugs. Can't they all just get along? Of course, they can! As you mull over whether to purchase a fine handmade rug, you may consider that your dog or cat could ruin it. After all, accidents happen, and you're worried your dog or cat could pee, scratch, or chew on the rug. You needn't worry too much. After all, a fine hand-knotted rug is woven to stand the test of time and furry friends. These handmade objects of beauty are sturdy and can pretty much withstand anything you ask of them. You can do a few things [...]

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    Oriental Rug Appraisal For Storm-Damaged Rugs When a home floods and restoration professionals are called to save the structure and contents, it's rare the restoration company's area of expertise is in Persian or Oriental textiles. The company will likely have ZERO experience or certification with Oriental and Persian rugs. For this reason, do not take the word of a technician that you should throw out your valuable area rug just because it got wet! How Oriental Rug Salon Helps Save Area Rugs And Settle Insurance Claims Oriental Rug Salon helps rug owners evaluate and appraise their cherished area rugs while helping provide the necessary information to settle insurance claims when their rugs get damaged. Insurance companies also reach out to us to confirm proper professional evaluation of rugs filed as [...]

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    If your cherished Persian or Oriental rug was involved in a flood, or worse, a mud bath due to Hurricane Ian, give Oriental Rug Salon a call. We're finding that many restoration companies are telling rug owners that their rugs are "ruined" and to throw them out. On the contrary, most rugs can be saved at the hands of professionals. In this photo, our technician arrived at a client's home and found their rug covered in mud due to Hurricane Ian breaching the home. The technician removes the mud, prepares the textile for transport, and brings it to our 6,000 sq. ft. rug facility in Cape Coral, where it will receive professional disinfecting and cleaning. Oriental Rug Salon is SW Florida's leading Oriental and Persian rug cleaning, restoration, and repair [...]