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Moth and Insect Control

Are you familiar with moths’ unfortunate love affair with your beloved wool area rugs? A single webbing or case-making moth infestation can reduce your cherished rug into a moth meal, causing significant and sometimes irreversible damage. It’s essential to understand these devastating effects and, more importantly, the treatment process offered by Oriental Rug Salon to keep your rugs safe.

The Moth Menace: Wool Rugs at Risk

Why are moths so attracted to your wool area rugs? To lay their eggs, moths search for environments rich in keratin, a protein found in abundance in wool. These eggs then hatch into larvae, the real culprits behind the damage, feeding on your rugs’ natural fibers, causing holes, threadbare spots, and ruining their intricate designs.

Some significant signs of moth damage include visible holes in the rug, shedding, loose pile, and small cocoons or larvae. Moth infestations can also leave behind a distinctly unpleasant smell, damaging not only the visual appeal of your rug but also its overall ambiance.

Oriental Rug Salon: Your Rug’s Guardian Against Moths

Oriental Rug Salon, renowned for its superior rug cleaning and treatment services, provides a comprehensive solution to save your wool rugs from becoming a moth’s next meal. Utilizing state-of-the-art methods, Oriental Rug Salon applies a specialized, odorless souring agent containing pyrethrum, a natural insecticide derived from chrysanthemum flowers, known for its effectiveness in warding off insects.

How Oriental Rug Salon’s Moth Treatment Works

This exceptional moth treatment process involves a thorough cleaning of the wool rug to remove any eggs or larvae that may have taken residence. The rug is then treated with a pyrethrum-based souring agent, which is safe for your rug and environment and effectively deters moths and other insects.

The souring agent’s unique formulation makes your wool rug unattractive to insects without compromising its aesthetic appeal or texture. With its odorless property, the souring agent leaves your rug with its natural, pleasant smell intact.