Pet Urine and Odor Removal

Have you ever experienced the fear of being away from your beloved pet for just a few moments and then discovering an unwanted stain on your favorite area rug? Pet owners know all too well how these unpleasant stains can occur, but what is worse is having to confront the offensive odor and bacteria that often comes from pet accidents.

If you want to maintain the beauty and freshness of your wool or silk area rugs, look no further than Oriental Rug Salon. Our six-step pet urine and odor treatment process is designed to permanently remove staining and odors that have not permanently affected the fibers of your rug. Let us help restore your area rugs elegance with our proprietary formula so that you can enjoy its luxurious texture for years to come!

How Pet Urine Affects Your Rug

  • Permanent Fiber Damage: the salts contained in pet urine attract moisture to the cotton foundation of your rug, causing it to rot from the inside. This damage isn’t always visible from the top.

  • Ammonia Damages Dye: the ammonia contained in pet urine breaks down the dyes in your rug, causing them to fade and bleed.

  • Worsening Odors: people become accustomed to the odors they smell every day, meaning they don’t realize just how smelly their rugs have gotten.

  • Urine Stains: decomposing pet urine can stain rugs, often spreading out further in the foundation. Stains that are deeper in the fibers can often reappear after cleaning the visible stain.

Our Pet Urine Process

  • 1
    Each area rug is inspected with Xenon lighting to document pet urine or other biological issues
  • 2
    A 24-hour bleed test is performed on each color to test the rug’s colorfastness
  • 3
    If urine or other biological matter is discovered, the rug goes through a 24-hour decontamination process
  • 4
    Over 95% of all area rugs are fully submerged for cleaning. Rugs are washed one at a time.
  • 5
    A pH-conditioned cold water rinse follows the cleaning process
  • 6
    The rug is dried on an air table
  • 7
    Our Rug Master inspects the rug to ensure it meets our high standards for quality
  • 8
    Upon approval, the fibers of the rug are conditioned, and the nap is groomed into place
  • 9
    The area rug is wrapped and prepared for delivery
Unchained for Pet Lovers Urine Stain and Odor Remover

For Pet Urine Cleanup

Unchained for Pet Lovers is a professional-grade product that is now available to consumers. This rinse-free pet stain and odor removal product breaks the molecular chain to destroy odors and stains on contact. This eco-friendly product removes poo, pee, puke, red wine, airborne odors, blood, and more! It’s effective, easy, and safe for use on rugs, carpet, fabrics, clothing, tile, concrete, and most other surfaces.

Not recommended for use on natural fibers (such as wool, silk, and cotton). Make sure the area is completely dry before pets or anyone walks on the area.