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Hello, SW Florida rug enthusiasts! At Oriental Rug Salon, we understand the value and beauty of your cherished Oriental rugs. These exquisite pieces are not just decor; they’re a testament to your taste and a piece of history. In this blog post, we’ll explore the best practices for Oriental and Persian rug cleaning and how to maintain their timeless beauty.

Why Professional Area Rug Cleaning Matters

Oriental and Persian area rugs require a delicate touch. Unlike regular carpets, they are often handmade with sensitive materials such as wool and silk. Professional cleaning by an experienced-certified rug cleaning company ensures that your rugs are not just superficially clean but are cared for in a way that extends their life and beauty.

The Oriental Rug Salon Rug Cleaning Difference

Our team at Oriental Rug Salon specializes in Oriental, Persian, and antique area rugs, and because we’re certified experts by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), the International Carpet & Rug Institute (CRI), and are Wool Safe Approved Service Providers, we know “a thing or two” about rug cleaning, restoration, and repair.  From Oriental and Persian area rug cleaning to intricate repairs and appraisals, our expertise is unmatched.

Understanding Your Rug’s Needs

Different rugs, different care. Persian and Oriental area rugs, for instance, have unique dye and fabric requirements. Knowing these specifics is crucial for effective cleaning without damaging the rug. These fine area rugs should not be “steam cleaned” in your home by your favorite carpet cleaning company, and here’s why.

Do You Know the Difference Between An “Oriental” And A “Persian” Area Rug”?

Simply put, an Oriental rug is any carpet hand-knotted in Asia. Usually, these rugs come from Iran, China, India, Nepal, Russia, Turkey, Pakistan, and Tibet.

A Persian rug is a carpet hand-knotted in Iran, and some of the most popular designs are Tabriz, Kashan, Mashad, Shiraz, Hamedon, and Gabbeh.

Oriental Rug Salon’s Area Rug Cleaning Process

Inspection: Every rug has a story. We start by understanding its age, fabric, dyes, and condition. We also submit each rug to a 24-hour colorfastness test to determine the stability of the rug dyes.  We photograph each rug and provide our client with a written report before cleaning.

Customized Cleaning: We tailor our cleaning methods to suit each rug’s needs. All rugs are washed one at a time, and we do not “co-mingle” rugs with other rugs like high-production rug shops do.  We believe that each area rug trusted to us deserves individualized attention, as no two rugs will have the exact cleaning requirements.

Gentle Techniques: Our cleaning process is gentle yet effective, preserving the integrity of your rug. Our cleaning solutions are approved by the Carpet & Rug Institute, are allergen-free, and safe for pets, infants, and allergen sufferers.

Tackling Tough Challenges

Pet urine and other foul orders in area rugs can be a nightmare. But fear not! Our specialized cleaning solutions and live enzyme techniques ensure that your rugs are free of odors, restoring their freshness and beauty.

Beyond Cleaning: Repairs and Restoration

Area rug repairs and restoration are an art. Whether it’s re-weaving, replacing fringe, or fixing tears, our skilled artisans bring your damaged rugs back to life, honoring their original craftsmanship.

The Importance of Regular Rug Cleaning and Care

Routine cleaning is vital. Regular professional cleanings extend the life of your rugs and maintain their beauty and value. In between professional cleanings, vacuuming and immediate spill cleanup are essential. Handmade rugs are designed to last many decades with proper cleaning and repair.

Expert Appraisals

Unsure about the value, age, or history of your rug? Our area rug appraisals provide insights into your rug’s history, value, and care needs. In most cases, with the appropriate pictures, appraisal requests can be requested online.

Trusting the Experts

At Oriental Rug Salon, we are cleaners and caretakers of your treasured rugs. As the “cleaner of choice” to many rug collectors, interior designers, flooring contractors, Oriental and Persian area rug retailers, and clients who love their area rugs, you can trust us to preserve the beauty and longevity of your Oriental and Persian rugs.

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