• Published On: Mar 2022|3.7 min read|

    The above picture is the debris dislodged from a 6X9 Tabriz wool area rug AFTER it was power vacuumed. Without a "Badger" Your Area Rug Simply Isn't Clean Dusting is the most critical stage in area rug cleaning! This process cannot be performed in a client's home, and anyone, including carpet cleaners, who skips this step is simply not cleaning your rug correctly. One study has shown that an 8ft x 10ft wool rug can hold as much as 75 pounds of soil & other contaminates deep down in the fibers before it will appear dirty! How much dirt do you think your rug is hiding? Why is it important? Wool is a porous fiber, much like human hair. Like hair, air pollutants, dust, dirt, and other grime can make [...]