• Published On: Jul 2023|4.6 min read|

    Ever marveled at the exotic charm of Oriental or Persian rugs and wondered how to preserve their exquisite beauty? A quality rug protector applied by Oriental Rug Salon may be the answer you've been seeking. Let's explore the reasons why. What’s The Difference Between an “Oriental” Rug and a “Persian” Rug? Persian area rugs usually reflect designs or motifs from the city of origin it is made. Persian rugs refer to rugs made in Iran or formerly known as Persia. They are commonly designed with all-over patterns, compartment, central medallion, and the designs are usually symmetrical. A Persian Rug is a carpet hand-knotted in Iran using a Persian knot. Meanwhile, Oriental area rugs often contain flora and fauna motifs with more curvilinear designs and are made in China, India, [...]