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Silk rugs are among the most beautiful and luxurious floor coverings available today. Their softness, shimmer, and elegance make them highly desirable, but the hefty price tag often puts them out of reach for many. Enter Viscose, the knockoff version of Silk.

What is Viscose?

Viscose rayon is a versatile fiber commonly found in household items like paper towels and sanitary products due to its absorbent and biodegradable properties. However, while it excels in these uses, it’s a poor choice for rugs and other floor coverings exposed to daily foot traffic, moisture, and spills. Think about it: the last thing you want your area rug to do is absorb moisture and spills.

Regenerated Cellulose Fibers

Viscose belongs to a category of fibers known as regenerated cellulose fibers, made from wood and plant pulp that undergo extensive chemical processing to achieve a soft, glossy finish. Marketed under various names such as faux silk, bamboo silk, banana silk, cactus silk, manmade silk and more, these fibers often mislead consumers into believing they’re purchasing real silk.

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The Illusion of Luxury

Retailers frequently sell viscose rugs as luxury items at high prices, yet they fail to inform consumers about their lack of durability. Unlike genuine silk or hand-knotted wool rugs, which can last a century with proper care, viscose rugs start showing wear within a year or two. They lose color, sheen, and texture quickly, and spills can cause irreversible damage.

Maintenance Challenges

Viscose rugs are notoriously difficult to maintain. They can’t hide soil well and tend to gray when lightly soiled or yellow with light moisture. Frequent professional cleaning is often necessary, adding unexpected costs to an already expensive purchase. Unfortunately, many rug cleaning companies refuse to handle viscose due to its delicate nature and tendency to permanently stain.

Environmental and Ethical Concerns

Although the production of viscose rayon fabric is banned in the U.S. due to environmental and health concerns, its manufacturing continues in countries like India, China, Indonesia, and Malaysia, where the workforce is often exploited. This makes viscose far from an eco-friendly option.

Consumer Awareness

Despite many retailers and designers’ claims that viscose is what consumers want, many buyers are unaware of the fiber’s shortcomings. After investing thousands of dollars, they often regret their purchase once they realize the rug’s poor performance in everyday household use.

If you’re considering buying a viscose rug, think again. These high-priced disposable rugs are not built to last and can be a costly mistake. Invest in genuine materials like hand-knotted wool or real silk for a truly durable and luxurious rug at a price point that’s less expensive than Viscose..

If You Already Own One Here’s What To Do

If you’ve already purchased a viscose rug, immediately protect it with a quality fabric protector applied by Oriental Rug Salon and place it in low-traffic areas. In case of spills or stains, contact us for professional cleaning and spotting.

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Discover the truth about Viscose rugs.  Learn why these knockoffs are a poor investment and what you can do to protect your purchase.