• Published On: Feb 2023|3 min read|

    Oriental and Persian Online Area Rug Appraisals Have you ever wondered how long creating a beautiful Persian rug takes? With the example of a 7X4 Kermanshah piece, we first calculate the number of square feet: 7X4= 28 square feet, equal to 4,032 inches. A Kermanshah rug is woven with at least twenty knots per inch; that's 400 knots per inch and 1,612.800 knots for this particular size! The intricate craftsmanship required for such incredible pieces truly astounds me whenever I see one. Crafting this stunning rug takes a masterful weaver, as they can only intricately tie up to three knots per minute, resulting in 180 knots each hour. With eight hours of work daily, the masterpiece would take nearly four years to complete. Wool and goat's hair are the primary materials [...]

  • Published On: Jan 2023|3.8 min read|

    Online Area Rug Appraisal Services Oriental Rug Salon provides expertise and certification to those who want a definitive appraisal for their beloved Persian, Oriental wool, or silk rugs. It is essential to remember that the value of these kinds of carpets fluctuates based on quality, availability, supply and demand, knot density, age, and condition. Therefore one should always be aware that market conditions can make prices soar or plummet at any given time. According to conventional definitions, a Navajo rug is evaluated similarly to an Oriental rug - hand-knotted and woven techniques craft both. As such, any assessment of these rugs will adhere to the same standards and criteria that would be used for other handmade area rugs. Do you know the true worth of your Oriental, Persian, or Turkish [...]