• Published On: Mar 2022|3.8 min read|

    It all began with the Prophet Mohammed, who prayed on a “khumrah”, a mat made of palm fronds. In Islam, a prayer mat is placed between the ground and the worshipper for cleanliness during the various positions of Islamic prayer. These involve kneeling and sitting on the rug. A Muslim must perform wudu (ablution) before worship and pray in a clean place. The primary indicator of a prayer rug is the “Mihrab” – a niche motif woven into the upper end of the rug that indicates where the devotee places one’s head during his five times a day prayer. The “mihrab” design is intended as a replica of the “qibla,” an archway in the wall of every Mosque that denotes the direction of Mecca. This motif indicates where each practitioner [...]